Course curriculum

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    Live Session Details

    • Live Session Details

    • Lab FS1 : Create and Configure an Azure File Share

    • Lab FS2: How to connect files from Azure File Share through a local machine

    • Lab FS3 : Access Tiers with File Shares

    • Lab FS4 : Azure File Sync Part 1: Deploy Azure File Sync Service on Azure

    • Lab FS5 : Azure File Sync Part 2: Install the Azure File Sync agent on Windows Servers and Register

    • Lab FS6: Create Server Endpoints and Sync

    • Lab FS7: Azure File Sync Part 4: Add Additional Server and Sync

    • Lab FS8: Configure Blobs in Azure Storage

    • Lab FS9: Configure Azure Blob Storage Tiers and Lifecycle Management

    • Lab FS10: Create a Blob Replication Policy

    • Lab FS11: Configure Blob Replication with Destination Access