Become experts from home the Quilata way with quizzes, labs, talks & communities

Our unique method of learning with the help of quizzes, labs, and talks can make you an expert, get you certified, and more. All courses come with the community feature to discuss doubts with peers and instructors. Quizzes will help you check your understanding of a topic. Once you know where you stand, you can learn through self-paced labs focussing on areas you are weak. You can also attend instructor-led live sessions to ask any doubts and, to get interview and exam tips. If you do not feel confident to work on real-world project with a round of quizzes, labs, talks, and community, just repeat the cycle or join a mentoring program. Even in Software Development Lifecycle, an iterative and Agile approach is currently considered as a better alternative to the traditional waterfall approach.

The Quilata approach can be effective even in classroom trainings

Mixing quizzes, labs and talks have been proven to be a great combination even in classroom trainings. Iterative approach can work with classroom trainings as well. Rather than keeping quizzes and labs towards the end, every session could have them both along with talks. The order and presence of one of these could be modified as per trainer's preference. Many traditional classroom trainings let students follow lab materials generally given as pdf along with the training. With, trainers can now share such lab materials through the portal. Trainers can also provide home works, assignments collection and even doubts live clearing sessions post a classroom session.

We support job seekers and students with our unique internship program

We support job seekers and students who cannot afford a fee with our unique internship program. If you do not have a job, you can join us as an intern, get experience, earn your fee and more. You will be in the payroll of Trainso Training Solutions, our parent company, working on tasks that are relevant to your area of interest. Until you have learned enough and can work on real-world projects, you will be helping us prepare materials for the courses. As soon as you are ready, you can start working on real world projects. You will be paid for your internship hours and there will be a hike in every three months. You can continue to work with us until you get a job or upto 1 year. Students can opt to compensate for the fee during initial months and then get paid the regular pay monthly or compensate for part of the fee on a monthly basis and get paid the rest from first month.

Trainso Initiatives, Including, are not just for students; it is also for teachers

Trainso Training Solution was originally incorporated during Covid-19 lockdowns with the aim of helping teachers who are new to online training. As long as you have a teachable skill, we will teach you everything else needed to conduct courses online. We even take care of all those head aches for you if you want including hosting courses, course registrations, preparing course materials, tax payments, tools for conducting online classes and more. If you are a teacher without an alternative form of income, you do not even have to pay us to get started. Our team will help you to get started for fee. You can pay us a percentage of the course fee or even pay the regular charges once you get course fees from students. If you do not have a teachable skill, we will teach you that as well. And if you think your communication skills are not good enough, we can help you get better on your communication skills too. And until you get better on communication, you can create video courses with the help of our pool of AI based instructors.